Unit Six Gin comes to us from the team at White Rock Brewery, who have been brewing beer in Guernsey since 2013. Now they have put their skills to producing gin. Instead of the conventional methods of distillation Unit Six is made via vacuum distillation. By reducing the pressure within the still, the alcohol boiling point is far reduced, allowing to extract flavour from more delicate botanicals.


The team tell us the distillation process is extensive and exhaustively controlled to achieve a very high level of consistency and quality, with each botanical being prepared and macerated individually in wheat-derived spirit. The resulting distillates are then filtered at sub-zero temperatures through a complex filtration array, redistilled and passed through a fractionating column, aromatic compounds are separated based on their volatility. As the fractionated spirit leaves the still, a series of 13 cuts are made revealing each botanical’s complex scent.

Our Verdict

Unit Six is a very ambitious gin with a very complex method of production, something we really struggled to get our head around even after being explained, so we were pretty impressed! Best enjoyed with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic or Fever-Tree Light Tonic with a sprig of rosemary.

Unit Six Gin
Vacuum-distilledCrisp tastePunchy aroma
4.1Very Good
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